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Breakfast menu is available until from 8.30am to 11.30 am, although breakfast rolls are served all day.

Last orders for food is 5pm daily.

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Homemade Hummus

Vegan or Gluten Free?

Introducing our Vegan and Gluten Free Menus

We are thrilled to introduce our dedicated Vegan and Gluten Free Menus, making your choices even easier.  Pick from starters, main and even desserts all suitably prepared to fit into your food and lifestyle choices without missing out on great flavour and yumminess... Go on have a look...


Full Menu


Available until 11.30 am

Big Breakfast              

Bacon, sausage, black pudding, haggis,  fried egg, potato scone, beans, mushrooms, tomato and a slice of white buttered toast £8

“Bankie” Breakfast

2 Square sausages, fried eggs,  2 bacon , 2 potato scone, beans & white toast £7

Veggie Breakfast (v)

2 Fried Eggs, veggie sausage, veggie black pudding, tomato, mushrooms, spinach, potato scone, beans and served with buttered white toast £8

Vegan Breakfast (ve)

Vegan sausages, tomato, mushrooms, spinach beans, vegan black pudding, potato scones and served with white toast £8

Smashed Avocado (v)

Sourdough toast with avocado, 2 poached eggs, cherry tomato, chilli and coriander and hummus on the side. £7 Add bacon .£1.5

Vegan Smashed Avocado with Mushrooms

Sourdough toast with smashed avo, juicy mushrooms, cherry tomato, chilli and coriander and hummus on the side £7

Vegan Breakfast Wrap

Hash Browns with avocado, mushrooms, salsa and mixed beans with coriander and red chilli. Served with a side of spinach and cherry tomatoes. £7

Sourdough Stack

Sourdough toast with a sweet tomato relish, crispy bacon, black pudding, poached egg and hollandaise sauce £8

3 Egg Breakfast

Poached, or scrambled eggs with brown buttered toast or sourdough £6

French Toast & Crispy Bacon

Crisp sourdough eggy bread with streaky bacon and drizzled with maple syrup £6.5

French Toast & Strawberries

Crisp sourdough eggy bread with strawberries, whipped cream and maple syrup £6.5

Filled Rolls

Mortons crispy rolls with your choice of fillings; Bacon, sausage, fried or scrambled egg, potato scone, haggis or black pudding £2.5

Power Porridge

Topped with homemade granola, fresh fruit and maple syrup (soya milk available (ve) £3.9

Toast or Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel (ve)

2 Slices of brown or white extra thick sliced toast or cinnamon bagel served with butter and pot of fruit preserve.  Marmalade, chocolate spread or peanut butter also available. £3

Starters and Salads


Lentil Soup  (ve) £4   

Homemade soup of the day served with a crusty roll and butter

Highland Nachos £6.50
Haggis, Scottish cheddar and red onion with a side of salsa and crème fraiche

Nachos; Salsa (ve), Chicken Salsa or Chilli Beef £6.5

Topped with cheddar and mozzarella, crème fraiche guacamole and jalapeños.

Hummus and Tomato Bruschetta (VE) £6

Toasted sourdough smothered with hummus and roasted cherry tomatoes, drizzled with balsamic glaze

High Protein Tuna Salad  £7.50

With spinach, mixed leaves, avocado, hard boiled egg, cherry tomato and crisp green beans drizzled with French dressing

Caesar Salad  £7.50
Crisp romaine lettuce with chicken, bacon, warm croutons and drizzled  with a creamy Caesar dressing and parmesan

Grilled Halloumi & Pepper Salad £7.50
With mixed leaves, roast peppers, cucumber cherry tomato and halloumi drizzled with sweet chilli sauce

Vegan Salad £7.50

Crisp vegan fillet on a bed of mixed leaf salad with cherry tomato, cucumber sundried tomatoes and drizzled with balsamic

Xmas Chicken Liver Pate £5

 Coffee Club's homemade pate served with warm toasted sourdough, with a sweet red onion balsamic confit

Baked Potato


Coronation Chicken

Tuna Mayo
Crispy Bacon, Cheddar, Crème Fraiche & Spring Onion,

Mature Cheddar & Deli Coleslaw

Chilli Beef with Nacho Crumb and Crème Fraiche

Haggis Red Onion and Cheddar
Garlic Mushrooms, Tomato, Basil & Red Pesto (ve)

Hummus & Harissa with Roast Veg (ve)

Mexican Bean Salsa with Sweetcorn and Spring onion (ve)




Extra thick Brown or White Sandwiches/ Toasties £6.50

Crusty Baguettes OR Toasted Ciabattas


All come with side salad and coleslaw


Tuna Mayo , Ham & Swiss Cheese, Egg Mayo , Cheese & Onion, Coronation Chicken


Roast Chicken, garlic aioli with sun-blush tomatoes and baby spinach

Pastrami, Monterey jack, red onion chutney and salad

Brie, Bacon, and Cranberry with Iceberg

Cheddar Cheese with tomato chutney and crisp salad

Mozzarella with spicy chipotle, peppers, sun-blush tomatoes and basil. Best served toasted!

Wiltshire ham with Egg, Dijon Mustard, Gherkins & Rocket

Spicy B.A.T  Bacon, Avo, tomato, chilli mayo, iceberg. Best served toasted!

The Vegan, Hummus, tomato, cucumber chilli, spinach and vegan cheese




Brooklyn Burger £10

Aberdeen angus steakburger, bacon, double cheese, BBQ on pretzel bun with crisp salad. Served with house fries and slaw

The Falafal & Spinach Burger (V) £9

With crisp greens, tomato and spicy chipotle sauce. Served with house fries and slaw

The Sweet Chilli Chicken Burger £9.60

Chicken burger, sweet chilli sauce and mayo on a warm sourdough bun. Served with house fries and slaw

The Vegan Burger (VE)  £9.60

Juicy Vegan burger with crisp red onion, crunchy salad, vegan pesto mayo.  Served with house fries

Breaded Piri Chicken Wrap £9

With romaine lettuce, red onion and our own peri mayo . Served with a half soup or house fries

Fajita Chicken Wrap £9

With salsa, peppers, onions, and cheddar. Served with a side of sour cream and a half soup or house fries

Vegan Curried Sweet Potato Wrap (VE) £9

Hot sweet potato bites with mango chutney, spinach and red peppers. Served with a half soup or house fries



Christmas Turkey Dinner £10

Traditional Roast Turkey with roast potatoes, seasonal veg, cranberry sauce served with chipolatas, stuffing and rich gravy

Grilled Peri Chicken Rice Bowl £10

Chicken breast with Louisiana style rice, mixed with cooked beans, grilled red peppers, courgettes and sweetcorn.  Topped with a fried egg and drizzled with sriracha sauce

Steak Ciabatta £10

Rump steak with sautéed red onions, garlic mayo and mature cheddar.  Served with house fries and slaw

Breaded Scampi £10

Breaded scampi with crisp fries, tartare sauce, peas and lemon wedge

Mac & Cheese £9

Homemade macaroni in a creamy cheese sauce, served with house fries.  Add crispy bacon or Cajun chicken £1

Cajun Chicken Pasta £9.70

Penne in a spicy tomato sauce with roast peppers and Cajun. Served with a round of garlic bread

Cajun Club Sandwich £9.80

Classic Coffee Club triple layer toasted sandwich with Cajun chicken, jack cheese and BLT.  Served with house fries and slaw

Chicken Goujons  £10
Homemade breaded chicken goujons with a side of southwest sauce, sweet chilli sauce, house fries and slaw 



Mini Mac & cheese with fries

Cheeseburger with fries

Chicken goujons with fries and beans

Ham, Cheese or tuna white bread sandwich or toastie

All kids meals are served with a carton of juice £5.5


Fries: £3
Dirty Fries: £5
Side of Mac £5
Side of Cajun Chicken Pasta £5
Coleslaw £2.25
Onion Rings £3.50
Halloumi fries £3.50


Hot Apple Pie with Ice Cream
Sticky Toffee Pudding with cream
Biscoff Cheesecake with toffee sauce
Vegan Chocolate and raspberry tart with fresh fruit coulis (GF)


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